CROWD. is a full-service, global Influencer & Digital Marketing agency that utilises internal data-driven insights and industry knowledge to deliver consistent quality strategies and ROI. We are currently running over 250+ creative campaigns a month with over 1.2 million digital talents, and we are 100% results driven in order for brands to reach their awareness and performance objectives successfully.


CROWD. was born off the back of Crowd Mobile’s successful Influencer Marketing strategies and global rollout. Given Crowd Mobile is strongly direct response focussed, CROWD.’s mentality, tools, and processes are all linked to ensuring we deliver ROI on all campaigns executed, which puts us apart from many other Influencer Marketing agencies.



We’re solving the problem of verifying real human engagement, starting with influencer marketing. We’re doing this by leveraging the blockchain to create a Proof of Engagement, where influencers and fans can engage in more meaningful ways.